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※Cut fresh fruits, vegetables or meat without bone into blocks and strips, then put them into this Nipple※It's normal that the silica filter changes color after filling with fruit&vegetable juice※Suitable for 6months plus Baby


The ANGE Baby Food Dispensing Spoon A convenient, one-handed utensil with an easy-to-clean bulb that is clean, safe, and easy to feed your little one with! 


ANGE Safety Baby Fruit Feeder Stick (Silicone)Baby fruit feeder allows your baby to enjoy the whole nutrition of fruit without chocking risk. Give your babies the freshness and nutrients of fruit. 


Complete produced from BPA free material No scratching or damaging of bottles or nipples due to the soft, high density bristles Durable high density bristles for thorough cleaning all your bottles, nipples and other feeding equipment Specially curved brush head and molded handle-tip reach the corners of all wide neck bottles, nipples and feeding products...

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●FEATURES: 1.SGS safety certified product, all parts are BPA free, plasticizer free, and heavy metal free.  2.Anti-static treated for smooth pouring. 3.Hold up to 12 oz of milk powder. 4.Disposable design and easy to carry.


●Features   1.Simba Suction Plate with Spoon & Fork set is designed especially for babies. The smooth and blunt edge       keeps babies from being hurt by sharp tableware. Extra round and thick handle design of the spoon & fork is      easy for baby to grab. The safe tableware set is ideal for parents to train their babies self feeding. 


Designed With Removable Suction Pad To Fix The Bowl Securely In Place On The Table  1.Ergonomically designed for babies, helps babies to learn self feeding independently and progressively.   2.Unique suction pad, easily attached to table surface, and made of food grade material to ensure the     safety and hygiene 


●Feature: 1.SGS Safety Certified and use only FDA approved food grade material. BPA - , Phthalate- and Heavy Metals Free. 2.Come with storage case, keep clean and hygienic when on the go. 3.Unique spoon tips designed─Size of the spoon is suitable for baby mouths, and soft tips are gentle on gums.

Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items