How to register account?

1) Click 'Sign in' button at home page.
2) Fill up your email address, then click 'Create an account' button.
3) Edit your personal information, then click 'Register' button.
     *Edit your address detail, click 'My address'. 
(Now you can start online shopping)

How to place order?

1) Select your favorite item.
2) Check quantity & size, after confirm, click 'Add to cart button.
3) Click 'Proceed to checkout' button.
4) Update your 'Sender & receiver' address.
7) Click agree to the terms of service at the 'Shipping'. Then click 'Proceed check out' button.
8) Choose 'Pay by bank wire' Or 'Pay with ipay88' button.
9) When Pay by bank wire, please click 'Confirm my order' button, Now you made your payment by CDM.
10) When completed your payment with ipay88, you order status will automatically become 'Payment accepted'.


After Payment, How to Submit Payment Notification?

1) Click 'Payment Notification' button at the right top.
2) Attach your payment slip.
3) Leave a message e.g 'Payment done', then click 'Send' button.